Episode 1: Wild Alaska Live

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Episode 1: Wild Alaska Live

As seen on BBC1 Wild Alaska Live

Series 1 episode 1

Episode 1: Fun fact takeaway.

Matt Baker: ‘Alaska can fit seven UK’s in Alaska but has the population of Leeds’

Sunday evening, Wild Alaska Live – a BBC One three part – series presented by Matt Baker, explored by Steve Backshall and discussed by Liz Bonnin. Together, the trio shared their experiences being amongst the Alaskan ecosystem ahead of the salmon run summer feast.

In Alaska, we are proud that our seafood is some of the world’s most natural and sustainable. The seafood is so delicious that there is a huge demand in the UK for this quality fish from the pristine waters of Alaska.  Don’t just take our word for it, we aren’t the only ones excited about the raw, natural force of Alaska and its landscape!

An explosive first episode, filled with multiple fish facts, fun stills of varying bear families and extraordinary birds-eye, panoramic views. Wild Alaska Live took viewers on an incredible journey around the glaciers and large water surfaces.

With an incredible 20,000 Alaskan rivers to choose from, each and every salmon knows instinctively exactly where they came from and where there natal river is for them to return to spawn…phenomenal! BBC One encapsulated this moment on screen, creating a vivid atmosphere as the show attempted to recreate the scenery in viewer’s imagination.

Throughout the episode, Liz Bonnin followed a mother bear called Anna. The compelling footage of the mother and her cubs as they patiently await the vast numbers of salmon to feast on, is fascinating.  We noticed that just a stone’s throw away, an Alaskan thick-coated wolf lies in all its glory. Matt Baker announced that this was probably one of the first times a wolf in this habitat has been captured live on TV.




Twitter conversations under the hashtag #AlaskaLive were equally wild. Viewers expressed their amazement of the show.

Tune in on Wednesday evening at 8pm for Episode 2. Steve attempts to land on the glacier and abseil down into and under the ice on LIVE TV!